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Lyon City

in the heart of a wonderful, dynamic and connected territory

Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, located near the Alps, Paris and the Mediterranean Rivieras, Lyon has all the assets of its geographical location. At the intersection of the living arts, the architectural influences and economic possibilities, this territory is rich in history, a wonderful patrimony and a variety of landscapes.

The goods we are proposing are both representative and often the result of this architectural heritage and these lifestyles.

Discover our real estates selected and grouped by sectors :

Between Saône & Rhône

(1st & 2nd arrondissements)

Between Saone and Rhône, it's like living as an islander in the heart of historical Presqu’ile peninsula that became contemporary with the Confluence.
With all the shops, restaurants and coffees that we can wish in our daily lives, these hyper-centred districts benefit from a high quality of cultural offers with the Celestins Theatre and the Opera of Lyon, The Fine Arts and Confluences Museums or la Sucriére.

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Left bank

(3rd Prefecture, 6th, 7th arrondissements, Villeurbanne)

Districts that have witnessed a significant expansion and urbanization over the past two centuries, the Left Bank hosts the 6th arrondissement with its magnificent avenues to bourgeois properties, the 3rd arrondissement with its coveted Prefecture district, as well as the 7th arrondissement with the Claude Bernard Dock and the trendy Jean-Macé and Sergent Blandan Park neighbourhoods.

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The Hills

(4th & 5th arrondissements, Caluire et Cuire, Sainte-Foy-Les-Lyon, Rillieux-la-Pape)

True symbols of Lyon with its rivers, hills, the one who works and the one who prays shape also geographically the territory of our city. Historic birthplaces of Lyon, they are now popular for their views and lifestyles

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Monchat & Monplaisir

(3rd arrondissement East) and 8th arrondissements)

They are still the kingdoms of families, the two Ms: Monplaisir and Montchat are always carried by the dynamism of their position to the East of the city, their tree-lined environment and their atmosphere which is rightly considered as a village.

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The Monts d'Or

(Saint-Didier au Mont d'Or, Saint-Cyr-au-Mont d'Or, Limonest, Dardilly)

Still in demand for their luxurious villas and the centuries-old trees that decorate them, the Monts d'Or offer a very unique lifestyle in the Lyon urban area. Historical for Saint-Cyr, more modern for Saint-Didier, the villages of Mont d'Or have always their fans.

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The North-West

(Ecully, Tassin-la-demi-Lune, Champagne-au-Mont-d'Or)

Preferred by citizens who desire a little bit of nature, the cities of north-western Lyon have easy access to the city centre and high quality of daily life facilities.
Likewise, these cities offer a wide variety of property types, from a studio for a child who is in university to a large family property in the centre of a park with magnificent trees.

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The Val of Saone

(Collonges au Mont d'Or, Fontaine-sur Saône, Neuville)

This sector is primarily addressed to the Saone's lovers, its colours and its different moods through the day and the seasons.
It is also addressed to those who want to get close to the great restaurants of Lyon's gastronomy and the many strolls that the surrounding nature offers.

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The Southwest

(Oullins, Saint-Genis-Laval, La Mulatière, Vourles, Vernaison, Irigny, Francheville)

A sector of the agglomeration that is dynamic and fast changing.
With the opening of the Oullin's Metro and its development in the coming years in Saint-Genis Laval, this sector, with its more and more high-end properties in their construction and rehabilitation, benefits from pleasant and dynamic towns and villages.

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The Great East

(Saint-Priest, Meyzieu, Chassieu, Genas, Jonage)

A big winner of the development of the Lyon Metropolitan Area in the East, these municipalities offer still great opportunities and benefit from properties with unequalled access to Lyon, the region of Ain and the Isère. Magnificent places like the Grand Large in Meyzieu or the enchanted streets of Bron are full of jewels. 

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